Why Fluent English Is More Important Than Math or Programming for ML

It powers your success in ML like no other skill

Bex T.


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An excerpt from my inbox:

i need help from you as i came from a diverse background means i changed my field first i did BE in **** but then i switch to **** and machine which is new to me but i did it eventually now as by reading your post you have much more knowledge then me in the data industry and you doing great in it i am struggling to accomplish the job role in this sector i dont know why may be the companies are looking for people who are experienced but they dont understand that where the student can bring the experience when he or she have recently been graduated and they need entry in order to gain experience well they cant bring the experience by their own

You might say that I am insensitive for sharing this message but I need it to say this.

If I don’t understand your casual text message by reading it once, your chances of getting a job in machine learning are slim.

How well you express yourself in English is one of the biggest precursors to your success in ML. It is not math, statistics, or even programming. It is fluent, unflinching, powerful command of English.

With fluent English, you can:

  • learn the vast amount of information required for an ML job most efficiently
  • network with confidence with recruiters and even CEOs
  • not stutter your way into failure during interviews
  • gain the respect of your colleagues in projects
  • negotiate your salary and ask for promotions without embarrassing yourself
  • advance your skill set and career by reading and implementing SOTA research papers
  • take part in conferences

and the list goes on. Let me convince you more by talking more about each point in detail.

Not asking irrelevant questions

Even though online courses and training programs are trying hard to simplify ML education, it is still quite academic.



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